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Why Isn't Your Home Selling?

Tuesday Jul 11th, 2017


  When a home isn't selling the feelings of frustration and confusion can overwhelm and cloud the reasons for the lack of a home selling. Say's Raj Sharma | Real Estate Broker | Brampton Real Estate   Here are six most common reasons why a home failed to sell and how to address those issues so the same result does not happen again.  1.  The Price of The Home The home seller often... [read more]

Top 10 Secrets for Selling Your Home for Top Dollars

Thursday Aug 31st, 2017


    Secrets to selling your home for Top Dollars  #1 Selling Secret – Make Sure Pricing it right Find out what your home is worth, then shave 10 to 20 percent off the price. You’ll be rushed by buyers with multiple bids — even in the worst markets and they’ll bid up the price over what it’s worth. It takes real courage and most sellers just don’t want to risk it, but it’s the single best strategy to sell a home for top dollars... [read more]